Thursday, September 5, 2019


Attention female junior and senior H&M students! The University of Michigan Hospital Frankel Cardiovascular Center is sponsoring the following free event on Saturday, October 12, 2019. Please read the below message and click on the link at the end to submit your application. 

Dear Teachers, Counselors, and Community Leaders,

We are thrilled to invite your female students to apply to the She Looks Like a Cardiologist Conference hosted by Dr. Claire Duvernoy, Interventional Cardiologist at the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor VA, as well as the female faculty and fellows in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.  Students must be female-identifying, in 11th or 12th grade in Fall 2019, be able to get to the Frankel Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan Hospital, and have a strong interest in medicine.

The day will include:
- A tour of the Cardiovascular Center
- Sessions on the different career paths within Cardiology
- Small group discussion about cardiac issues within our communities
- Interviews with fellows and faculty about their journey to Cardiology

Further, it is our hope that each young woman who attends will be paired with a female physician who can provide mentoring throughout the student's high school and college years.

Students may apply by filling out the online application.  The deadline for application submission is Friday, September 22nd.

We look forward to working with your students!

Claire Duvernoy, MD 
Megan Joseph, MD
Kris Kawamoto, MD
Prasanthi Yelavarthy, MD


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