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Sponsor A Family 2018

H and M, its that time of year again!

It is time to give back to our community and start collecting items for Sponsor a Family.

We need some committee leads to help organize this big event as well as the party.

You will find a little snowman to the right of this post that has a link to the kids we are buying gifts for. Find your class hour and table color and coordinate with your table what gifts you want to buy, maybe even make a chart to make sure you cover everything on the list!

In addition to gifts, Meijer, Kroger and other grocery store gift cards are much needed for meals during the holidays!! We are hoping to collect all items by Monday, December 17th so we can have adequate time to fill in any gaps. We will wrap these gifts and deliver them on Friday, December 21st.

In addition, this year we are adding Hygiene/ Toiletry baskets/boxes. We will compile boxes of detergent, soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, feminine hygiene products(pads, panty liners, etc) and fabric softener, in addition to any other hygiene products that could be useful to the families that they may not have access to. These we will put together on Wednesday, December 19th and delivered to the schools to be handed out to the families in need.

Thank you for all your donations, lets make this year the most successful yet and show these families love!

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PBS Activity 2.2.2: Food Labels

Dear PBS
Please obtain three to four food labels from your web search of Anna last meals. You may have been asked to bring these in from home. Additional labels can be found at the Nutri-facts website. 

 Note that all of these food labels represent foods consumed by Anna the last days of her life.

Please start Activity 2.2.2: Food Labels.
Please take notes in your Biomedical Science Journal.

HBS Two Master Assignments Activity 2.3.1: The Hormone Connection (Concept Map with Feedback Loop)

Dear HBS Please begin your note taking and two mastery assignments. Activity 2.3.1: The Hormone Connection (Concept Map with Feedback Loop) One is the Concept Map of Terms in 2.3.1 Two is the Feedback Loop in 2.3.1 One turned in per lab partners. Regards